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Human Right Reports Submitted by IRQO

Here you can find human right joint reports submitted by IRQO with other organization.

  1. Humanity Denied: The Violations of the Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons in IRAN

    Drafted by: Raha Bahraini

    Submitted by: IRQO


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  2. Human Rights Violations on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Homosexuality in the Islamic Republic of Iran

    Shadow Report

    Submitted by: IRQO and OutRight
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  3. IRAN: Life is Yet Elsewhere for the LGBT Refugees

    Drafted by: Payam Shirazi
    Submitted by: IRQO
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  4. The Violations of the Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of LGBT Persons in the Islamic Republic of Iran

    Drafted by: Paayam Shirazi
    Submitted by: IRQO, Global Initiative for Sexuality and Human Rights, Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights, and International Human Rights Clinic, Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School
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  5. IRQO and 33 Other NGOs Call on UN to Support Resolution on Human Rights in Iran

    Submitted by: IRQO and 33 Other NGOs
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  6. Rights of the Child in Iran
    Joint alternative report by civil society organizations on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by the Islamic Republic of Iran


Joint Projects

  • Cooperating with Grindr

    IRQO and Grindr (a well known dating app in Iran) in a joint project tried to educate Iranian about sexuality, sexual right, etc. this project runs as pop up flyers which givining brief information to the aufience and redirects to IRQO website. 

  • Iranian LGBT life Album

    An album consisted of 45 cartoons describing Iranian LGBT's life and their problems. This project is funded by OutRight and bublishedby IRQO and Gilgamishaan.  

  • Yousef and Farhad

    The commissioned graphic novel, Yousef and Farhad, though a work of fiction, reflects the real life struggles for acceptance of LGBTIQ people in Iran and across the world.  OutRight created the graphic novel in Farsi and English. IRQO and Gilgamishan republished the novel . 

  • QMDB

    Queer Movie Database-QMDB is a website funded by OutRight and followed by IRQO. This website is a good resource to introduce LGBT theme movies to Farsi speaker audiences. 

Vision and Mission

  • IRQO’s goal is constructing a culture via written word within the fields below:

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

  • LGBTIQ Human and Civil Rights, and Responcibilites

  • Lack and/or violations of said rights within Islamic Republic of Iran’s social and cultural

  • laws and regualtions; impact of these conditions on LGBTIQ life

  • Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Iran

  • Civil rights and responsibilities

  • Queer theory and literature in Farsi

  • LGBTI literature in Farsi, and in English